Step deck

In Kudos Transportation, Inc. we have step decks ready to help you in case you need to move high pieces that need special equipment.

Our 48' Step Decks are among the most versatile means of transporting freight. They offer maximum flexibility for loading and unloading, as well as, the ability to handle large dimensional freight. Weather protection is available with the use tarps and all loads are secured by chains and/or appropriate strength nylon straps.Step Deck, or Single Drop Deck, is a type of trailer that is similar to flatbed, but with two deck levels: upper deck and lower deck that drop down after clearing the tractor unit. Generally, step deck trailers can haul taller loads than Flatbed trailers and often have ramps for unloading. They also tend to be safer for forklift pickup, due to the fact that they are closer to the ground. Examples of typical cargo:

  • Tractors
  • Machinery
  • Heavy freight that is over 9 feet tall
  • And more

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